A man described by the High Court as “manipulative, violent and controlling…..who would do anything to get his own way” has been sentenced to twelve years imprisonment.

Craig Harkins, 40 was convicted in February 2020 of 16 charges against four different women, including the rape of two and the repeated physical assault of all four. The crimes were committed by Mr Harkins between 2006 and 2019.

The jury heard that one of the complainers was raped in the bathroom of Mr Harkins home whilst her children were screaming for her outside the door.  Another of the complainers told the court she had been left concussed by Mr Harkins three times, twice whilst she was pregnant. Mr Harkins continues to protest his innocence.

Sentencing Mr Harkins, Judge, Lady Rae stated: “It seems to me that, at time, you gained pleasure from abusing your victims. You take no responsibility for the crimes you have committed and this have expressed no remorse whatsoever.” “You see yourself as the victim. In my view you are a serious risk to women who may enter a relationship with you.”

Lady Rae also ordered Mr Harkins be placed on the sexual offenders register and be monitored in the community for five years after his release from prison.