Jennifer Tait has been sentenced to two years in prison after stalking victims that she met on dating sites and falsely telling them that she was pregnant. 

The parties would meet through the dating app ‘Plenty of Fish.’ It transpired that after a very short term relationship between Jennifer and her victims, she would begin to exhibit obsessive behaviours when they attempted to end contacted between them. 

Tait posted on her blog and social media account about these men and the apparent pregnancies. She would take the men to hospital appointments and created false NHS abortion letters to support her lies. 

It was revealed in court that Tait was in fact never pregnant. 

The court heard how one of the victims received continuous messages regarding the fake pregnancy and that he travelled to be with her on numerous occasions to support her. 

Defence for Tait told the court how she was currently pregnant with her third child with her current partner and asked the court to consider this in her sentence. 

The sheriff stated, “You caused them considerable difficulties to their personal and working lives as well as their future relationships. The jury took their own decision and took the view that there was no lack of criminal responsibility on your part.”