A woman has admitted now to lying about the fact that she was the driver of a car that killed a pensioner during a collision in Fife. Ms Carruthers has taken responsibility for the crash although it was her boyfriend, Mr Anderson, that had caused the crash. Mr Anderson did not have a licence and was driving without insurance. Ms Carruthers admitted to permitting her boyfriend to drive the vehicle although she knew he did not have a licence nor was insured to do so. Mr Anderson also admitted to speeding and driving dangerously and not having due care for pedestrians.
Lord Uist deferred sentence for background reports on both the accused. Both Carruthers and Anderson were permitted bail but are not permitted to drive until their day of sentencing. Lord Uist stated that this would be the ‘day of reckoning’. It was only when police started examining the CCTV that they realised that it was Mr Anderson that was driving the vehicle. Ian Patterson Advocate accepted that his client, Mr Anderson, would receive a significant custodial sentence.