A man from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Ms Young in 2017; by strangling her and causing injures to cause  her death. Mr Docherty has been sentenced to serve at least 18 years, while his co-accused Mr McKay was found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.
Both men continue to deny that they killed Ms Young, with Mr McKay’s defence team stating he had shown remorse for the death and that there was no evidence that he had hit Ms Young, although he admits he did not call for help.
Judge Lady Stacey told Mr Docherty: “You say you have to live with this, but you do not accept you carried out a murder. You went to trial saying you tried to help her.” Lady Stacey also directed to Mr McKay that the jury had found him “responsible legally” for Ms Young’s death and that he was involved in blunt force injuries that resulted in her death.