Mr Friel, a truck driver, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment at Glasgow High Court for causing the death of a veterinary nursing student after performing a dangerous manoeuvre on the A1 from Edinburgh. He was also prevented from driving for nine and a half years.
The truck crashed in to the young woman’s car when she was driving to work when it was on the wrong side of the road. Mr Friel admitted the offence of death by dangerous driving that occurred in December 2016. Lord Arthurson stated he was moved by the victim impact statements of the 26 year old’s family. Mr Friel’s legal team made a motion for Mr Friel not to be given a custodial sentence. They argued he had a very low IQ and had a history of mental health issues. However, Lord Arthurson continued:“I have concluded no sentence other than a custodial one would be appropriate.” The custodial sentence was reduced from 4 years for his guilty plea.