Mr McMillan, 20 along with two teenagers have received life sentences for murdering a Edinburgh pensioner. Mr McMillan was ordered to serve at least 18 years while the teenagers were ordered to served 17 years and 3 months and 17 year sentences. The victim who was in his sixties was left with over 80 injures as a result of been attacked with tools. The two teenagers names have now been released to the public as per the Judges decision now they have been found guilty of the murder.
Lord Uist stated when sentencing the men: “Mr Forsyth suffered the most terrible injuries. He sustained a total of 80 injuries and died of blunt force chest trauma. It is a scandal in a supposedly civilised society that a man should meet his death in this manner.” The Defence counsel for the two younger men asked the Judge to take in to account their difficult upbringing they had experienced when sentencing them.