The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service have announced that following restrictions being eased from 17th May, they are aiming to increase the amount of summary trials being heard back to maximum safe capacity for each courtroom. 
The SCTS have also announced that Justice of Peace Courts will resume operation from 7th June. In a statement given to the Law Society, the SCTS have said that both physical distancing measures, along with guidance on face coverings will remain the same.
This notice only applies to criminal business, with all civil matters continuing to take place virtually and through teleconferencing. 
Amanda Millar, President of the Law Society, welcomed the move saying: “This further move towards opening up our courts in line with Government regulations is a positive step and as restrictions ease, we must all work to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the courts…it is also vital that we look beyond simply increasing the number of trials which can take place, to ensure that we have a resilient justice system longer term. Even as we see a welcome reduction in the backlog of cases, it remains important for all those involved in the justice system to continue to work together to find new ways of working which will serve the public interest.