Michael Curling, 48 harassed a number of women who he met on an online site between 2014- 2017.

Mr Curling was found to have contacted a 33-year old woman who put an ad requesting free furniture. The pair agreed to meet at a Lidal car park in Barrhead after Mr Curling agreed to give her kitchenware. 

The accused then continued to harass the women by messaging her constantly and asking to go to her house even though the woman had refused a number of times. 

This was not the first time Mr Curling contacted women who put up ad’s requesting furniture as several other women had been in the same position as the 33-year old woman. This caused in one woman to report it to the police, however he was not formally charged till 2020.

He pled guilty to five different charges including threatening and abusive behaviour. He claimed that he had no intention of sexual contact with the women as he claimed he was ‘not that sort of person’. 

It was ruled by Sheriff Gerard Bonnar that there was a sexual element to an extent to his offences which resulted in him being put on the sex offenders register for 5 years. 

Mr Curling was also put under supervision for 2 years and tagged for 7 months due to his behaviour.