Jordan Roddie lost control of his ford focus vehicle and killed a pensioner. The crash also left her friend severely disabled. 
Roddie misjudged a bend and crossed into oncoming traffic which resulted in his vehicle colliding with a Vauxhall Zafira. The accident occurred on the A73 near Braidwood, Lanarkshire in March 2020. The car was being driven by 48-year-old Catherine Donnelly and Eileen Thomson, 66, was a passenger in the car. Both were employed to take children to and from school. On the day in question, they had just dropped the last pupil home. 
Eileen Thomson suffered from chest and abdominal injuries and died at the scene. Catherine Donnelly spent 15 weeks in hospital and a further 5 weeks in rehab. 
Roddie pled guilty to causing the death of Eileen and seriously injuring Catherine due to dangerous driving. He was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow to a four-year custodial sentence and he was also banned from driving for the next 10 years. Lord Burns cut the jail term from six years due to his guilty plea. 
Lord Burns stated: “Your driving caused the death of Eileen Thomson devastating her family and you also caused bad injuries to Catherine Donnelly, which she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.”
The court heard that the speed limit on the stretch of road was 60mph and one motorist stated that he ‘must have been going over 70mph at least’. A retired police officer who was driving on the road noticed the back of Roddie’s Ford ‘moving uncontrollably’. 
Prosecutor Chris Macintosh stated: “In his mirror, he observed the Focus fail to negotiate a bend in the road, continue straight on and into the opposing lane where it struck another vehicle head on.” Catherine tried to dodge Roddie’s motor, but later said it had been going “too fast” to avoid.
Roddie admitted after the incident: “I know I cannot take that corner at more than 50. I have been a f*****g stupid idiot.”
Janice Green, defending, said: “His remorse is genuine and is not a cynical attempt for sympathy.”