THE under-20 Scotland squad member is accused of abusing the couple on their wedding night, and calling one of the couple’s relatives a ‘dirty lesbian’.
SCOTTISH Rugby Union chiefs are investigating claims that one of their under-20 squad made gay hate remarks to a newly married same-sex couple.
The teenager is accused of abusing the two women on their wedding night.
It’s also claimed he called a sister of one of the newly-weds a “dirty lesbian” when she tried to calm the situation.
Police were called after the incident in the Village Hotel in Bury, Lancashire.
Nicola and Joanna Murphy-Lunn said they arrived back at the hotel in the early hours of Sunday after celebrating their wedding at a nearby venue.
In an email to the SRU, Nicola, 35, wrote: “My wife and I, along with a friend and my younger sister, returned to The Village after celebrating quite a monumental day with our loved ones.
“As we got out of the lift, three of the under-20 players for the Scotland team got in and one made a derogatory comment about two women in wedding dresses and being gay.
“I turned around and confronted the player and asked him why he thought it was acceptable to judge someone on how they look?
“I told him that equality is a human right.”
Nicola said the “arrogant cocky foul-mouthed inept” continued making offensive remarks.
She added: “Two of the older players, maybe coaches, then manhandled me out of the lift, trying to intervene.
“I walked off engulfed in rage that a young man who is meant to represent his country and team behaved in such an inhumane way.
“As I walked off, the lift shut with my younger sister in it with them.
“She had a gay pride flag around her neck. The same boy then proceeded to insult my sister. A ‘dirty lesbian’ is what he called her – absolutely disgusting behaviour.”
Coffee shop manager Nicola, her sister Shannon, 21, and HR consultant Joanne, 34, identified the player involved from the SRU website.
An SRU spokesman said: “Scottish Rugby take accusations such as these very seriously. An internal investigation is now under way to establish the full facts.”
Greater Manchester Police said: “This is being treated as a homophobic hate incident and inquiries are ongoing.”