William Wright was found guilty of sexually abusing his school pupils for almost 20 years. He was sentenced to a four-year custodial sentence. He has now requested to serve his sentence at his own home. This was rejected by the parole board as it was determined that he still poses a risk to children. 

The 81-year-old was sentenced at Paisley just one year ago. Authorities stated that Wright should remain in prison. A letter was sent to the victims which confirmed why they ruled that it was not safe for him to be released back into the community. 

It stated that he is an unrepentant sex offender who has ‘a deviant sexual preference’. His engagement with social workers was also addressed as he has failed to engage with those who are attempting to help him change. 

The letter explained: “The offender did not accept responsibility for their offences or that there was anything about their behaviour which led to their convictions.

“They therefore considered that they did not pose a risk of harm to children and did not need to change. The Board disagreed.

The letter which was issued in February ended by stating that there will be another review in February 2023.