The Scottish Criminal Review Commission has agreed to conduct a full review in the case of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi for his conviction in relation to the Lockerbie bombing to see if it is worthy of a fresh appeal. Megrahi died in 2012 after being released on compassionate leave from Greenock Prison in 2009.
The case has reached stage 2 of the commissions process.  His fight for his appeal against conviction was abandoned by his legal team in 2009. The SCCRC has looked in to this abandonment and stated that: “Having considered all the available evidence, the commission believes that Mr Megrahi, in abandoning his appeal, did so as he held a genuine and reasonable belief that such a course of action would result in him being able to return home to Libya, at a time when he was suffering from terminal cancer.”  They have concluded that accepting this appeal is now in the interests of justice.