Coleen Muirhead used money that was stolen from Panda Rosa Metals in order to finance a lifestyle that included expensive family holidays and buying cars.

The accused also paid for full tables at charity events as well as buying alcohol for all those attending. She discovered when a colleague started to become suspicious. 

The colleague had been working with the company since 2014 and thought that she was living beyond her means. Alongside this a review of the company’s finance was carried out and it was discovered that the accused her been paying invoices to a bogus customer known as G.Anderson and was then depositing the money into her own account.

The review also discovered five company accounts which contained her bank details. 

Moria Orr expressed that the accused showed no regards the impact of her crimes would have had on those working alongside her and her employer. 

Muirhead had managed to embezzle £1.5 millions from a family business and was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months at the High Court in Edinburgh.