HMA v Natalie McGarry 2019

Former MP, Ms McGarry, has received interim liberation pending the outcome of her appeal against conviction and sentence. Lord Turnbull granted Ms McGarry bail at the High Court in Edinburgh. Ms McGarry was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court to 18 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to embezzling over £25,000. Her appeal will make its way through the sift process at the High Court of Judiciary in Edinburgh. The money Ms McGarry plead guilty of embezzeling was from pro independence groups with some of the money being raised for food banks. This money the Crown stated was used to fund a lavish lifestyle for herself which included holidays.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court at the sentencing hearing Sheriff Crozier said: “There is no alternative than a custodial sentence as you have shown no remorse.” He continued: “But for your previous good conduct and personal circumstances the sentence to be imposed would have been far greater.” The outcome of the appeal is yet to be decided and could take a number of months. In relation to the sentence appeal it is believed the appellant is intending to argue an alternative to custody is appropriate in the circumstances.