Andrew Taylor drove head- on to Brian Wilson in the Scottish Borders on 23 April 2022.

Mr Taylor admitted to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving while being unfit due to a number of drugs in his system including cocaine. 

The Court had previously heard that Mr Taylor had been heavily under the influence of drugs and that he had actually fallen asleep in the back of an ambulance after the crash. 

However, the accused had claimed that he had been on the correct side of the road prior to the incident and Mr Wilson’s bike had crossed over and hit him.

Lord Arthurson stated that Mr Taylor was not “remorseful at all”. During the sentencing the accused had actually make inappropriate comments about the victim’s relatives. 

Lord Arthurson gave no discount for the guilty plea for a number of reasons which included Mr Taylor not turning up to Court for a previous dare.

The accused was banned from driving for 16 years.