Weir McKay 45, who was convicted in 2019 of the culpable homicide of Karen Young and sentended to 14 years inprisonment has had his conviction quashed.

The Criminal Appeal Court has ruled that the evidence before the jury in the original trial was not sufficient to allow them to find McKay guilty of culpable homicide.  McKay was original tried alongside his, Allan Doherty, 35. The Criminal Appeal Court held that the evidence before the original trial showed it was the injuries inflicted by Dohery that caused Ms Young’s death.

In the written judgement issued by the Appeal Court, Lady Dorrian stated: “We shall therefore quash the verdict of guilty to culpable homicide which was returned against him and in its place we shall substitute a verdict of guilty to the crime of assaulting the victim by means unknown to the prosecutor meantime, (and) repeatedly inflicting blunt force injuries on her head and body.”