HMA v Darren Boland and Daniel Kinlan 2019

Two nineteen year olds have had their attempted murder convictions quashed. Both teenagers were found guilty of murdering Mr Tella last year after stamping on his head repeatedly in 2015. Daniel Kinlan and Darren Boland, both 19, viciously attacked Ajani Tella, 60, in Glasgow in August 2015.

Previously they were convicted of attempted murder but Lady Stacey at the High Court in Glasgow has now quashed these convictions; now that the pair have also been charged with murder as the victim had now died as a result of his injuries.

Lady Stacey has indicated that both the murder and the attempted murder were for the same incident therefore when looking at a previous conviction list this would not be apparently clear and could cause a difficulty. Mr Boland’s QC also argued this point that having two high court convictions for the same incident could have an affect later in the appellant’s life. The appellants were aged only 15 and 16 when the murder took place and have since had their life sentence minimum term reduced on appeal in relation to this charge.