Rape cases have increased by 23% in Scotland, compared to 2013 levels, according to figures released by Police Scotland. The figures show that the total number of reported rapes over the year was 1,690 but it is believed that about 75% of rape cases go unreported.
The information clearly indicates an increase in sex crimes and rape cases that are reported to the police, constable Stephen House told the HeraldScotland website. And though such offenses are rarely reported, the police want to make sure victims feel safe, House added. Detection of rape cases increased by 10% and is now 71.8%. The released data also showed that up to a quarter of rape victims were under 15 years of age and 18% were asleep at the time of the offence. Only 5% of women were raped by strangers.
Police are increasing their efforts to instill confidence in victims so they are not afraid to step up and report the crime, House said. Also, authorities want to make sure that sex offenders are investigated in a more consistent manner. House believes that such measures are already bearing fruit and more sex-crime victims are reporting such issues, and more criminals are being caught.
The increase in number of captured offenders, however, may not be a result of more victims sharing their suffering, a spokeswoman for Rape Crisis Scotland said. She conceded that the police are doing their job, and a national rape task force is in operation alongside many other partnerships. But there is still a chance that some of the increase in cases is simply a result of more crimes being committed, which is worrisome, she concluded.