Ms Tigwell has received an apology from the Crown Office after her ex partner did not stand trial after allegedly sending explicit pictures of her. This was due to an error by the Crown. Ms Tigwell’s ex partner pled not guilty to the charges but the case did not stand trial. This was due to the unavailability of a key witness.
The allegations concerned a picture being taken of her, without clothes and without her consent, on Snapchat and sent to at least 5 of the accused friends. An essential witness to the trial was believed to live in Russia. The Crown were of the view as this witness lived in Russia and therefore they could not continue with the prosecution of this case. The truth was that the man was studying in Russia but was due back to the UK and Ms Tigwell was aware of this.
The Crown attempted to re-raise the proceeding but this was stopped by the accused’s defence team. The COPFS wrote to Ms Tigwell: “I understand your frustration at this case not being taken forward and apologise for the error made.” A complaint has been lodged by Ms Tigwell and this is being handled by the Crown Office.