Heather McKenzie pled guilty at the High Court in Lanark to bringing drugs into the maximum-security jail. The court heard that she befriended inmate and killer, Zak Malavin, whilst working at HMP Shotts.

After an investigation it was suspected that the prison officer had been bringing drugs, including cocaine, and mobile phones into the prison. It was then uncovered that Mckenzie had befriended inmate Zak Malavin. His cell was searched and an iPhone, cocaine and a sleeping pill was found. It was found on the iPhone that a number of text messages and phone calls had been made to Ms Mckenzie. 

Ms McKenzie’s home was then searched and drugs, mobile phones and £2500 in cash was found. She had missed calls from the name ‘Zak’ on her phone. A cyber report revealed that there had been communication between them both to meet with individuals to be given drugs, mobile phones and cash. 

It was heard that Malavin had considered ending the scheme and as a result McKenzie persuaded another inmate to participate in the criminal conduct. She convinced him that his cell would not be searched. 

At the High Court in Lanark, Mckenzie pled guilty to supplying Malavin and others with drugs. She also pled guilty to providing him with a mobile phone and sim card. 

The Advocate Depute told the court: “The recovered messages show that the prisoner arranged for persons as yet unidentified to meet with the accused to drop off drugs, phones and money. The relationship continued with both the accused and the prisoner initiating conversations regarding the introduction of controlled drugs and money into HMP Shotts and the accused appeared to have been paid money to do so.”

Sentence was deferred until February 2023.