MSPs from the Scottish Liberal Democrats have called for an end to “pointless” drug prosecutions in order to better use Crown Office and Police resources, whilst focusing on a health-based approach to Scotland’s drug crisis.
Speaking at a parliamentary debate on Scotland’s drug deaths, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “Trauma informed care should be at the heart of every aspect of recovery from drug addiction, because there is an undeniable correlation between adverse childhood experiences and drug misuse…we have to reduce the misery of drug abuse with compassion and health treatment, rather than prosecution. Because we’re still sending the same number of people to prison for personal possession as we were a decade ago. 
“The current system is just like an endless, destructive carousel with pointless prosecutions that only cause more harm. It needs to be stopped.”
The possibility of the decriminalisation of drugs such as cannabis has been recently discussed at Holyrood, in a bid to free up resources that have to be used in the prosecution of drugs offences. Supporters have argued it would help reduced drugs deaths, whilst helping to deal with the prison overcrowding crisis currently gripping Scotland. 
Opponents to the move have argued that it would encourage drug consumption and may place a greater strain on the NHS – as well as creating a gateway to more serious crimes.