Police are stepping up drug enforcement with a series of raids in Dundee. In early July, they had already made 15 arrests and confirmed that they’d seized several thousand pounds’ worth of cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine and heroine.
The raids are part of the Operation Slate, which has been ongoing across Dundee for several weeks now. Chief Inspector, Gary Ogilvie, said the raids would continue relentlessly. The police’s primary goal is to limit the drug supply in the city.
Chief Inspector Ogilvie called dealing with drug crime a ‘top priority’, and that it is always at the front of the Dundee police’s to-do list. In regards to the increase in raids and crackdowns, he said that “due to intelligence-led investigations into drug-related crime in the city, there has been a concentrated focus on drug raids over the last few weeks.”
He added that the police have been averaging two raids per day recently, which he considers to be fairly successful given the number of arrests that were made. “The raids have taken place at different times and in different locations around Dundee,” he said. Reports also indicated that the police recovered some £4,000 in cash in the course of these raids.
Mr. Ogilvie spent some time explaining the role intelligence has played in these raids: “Units hit properties depending on the intelligence — it could be at six in the morning, or it could be five in the evening. With the intelligence we gather before raids, we are able to hit at the right time when those committing the crime are in the property in possession of the quantities they are looking to sell throughout the city.”
He also issued a clear warning to those involved in drug crimes: “We know who you are, we know where you live, and we will be paying you a visit very soon.”