Robyn Goldie aged 13 had complained to her mother of feeling unwell between 19th July and 26th July 2018. Her mother, Sharon Goldie, refused to call an ambulance for her and stopped a friend from taking her to hospital stating that Robyn was attention seeking. Sharon Goldie later left Robyn alone at home whilst she went to the pub drinking with a friend.
Lord Beckett stated to Sharon that “By the time you came home she was slumped on the sofa but you and your friend went into the garden to have a drink because the weather was nice.” Robyn was dead around an hour later.
Robyn later died at home suffering from an infection caused by a perforated stomach ulcer, known as peritonitis.
Sharon Goldie pled guilty to neglecting her daughter at Glasgow High Court last month. The court heard that Sharon Goldie had bit her daughter, hit her, puller her hair and spat at her. Sharon Goldie also admitted to failing to provide her daughter with food, clothing and heating, as well as allowing her to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis.
Lord Beckett sentenced Sharon Goldie to 3 years and 6 months on the 29th of October 2020 in Edinburgh High Court stating that Sharon Goldie had demonstrated “considerable cruelty over a prolonged period”.