Two men have been cleared of attempting to murder two police officers by running over them in a stolen jeep.

David McLean, 31, and Ryan Gilmour, 25, were acquitted after a jury returned not proven verdicts at Edinburgh High Court.
The court had heard that PCs Deborah Lawson and Robert Fitzsimmons were “repeatedly struck” by a Nissan Qashqai in Glasgow’s Banner Drive last October.
They were seriously injured and required hospital treatment.
The court heard that PC Lawson thought she was going to die as the vehicle was driven towards her.
She was dragged 14.5m after the men allegedly refused to get out of the car to speak to the officers.
The car was then driven towards her as she lay injured on the ground before her colleague, PC Fitzimmons, pushed her out the way.
Mr McLean and Mr Gilmour were arrested after their DNA was found on the Qashqai, which had been set fire following the incident.
A purse containing a driver’s licence and bank cards which belonged to a woman who had the same surname as Mr McLean was also found in the vehicle.
But defence lawyers argued that the DNA evidence did not prove that their clients had committed the crime.
Both men were told they were free to go after the jury took just over an hour to reach its verdict following the trial.
Friends and family members of the two men were told to keep quiet by the court after the verdicts were returned.
They started cheering and clapping loudly as one supporter shouted “good decision”.