A man who rammed a 4×4 into a man to stop him stealing a mountain bike has been jailed for four years and banned from driving for 8 years. Gary McKnight pursued 22 year old John Rawding along a footpath and accelerated across a grass verge towards him. Mr Rawding admitted to trying to steal the bike but was never taking to court for the incedent.
He said he did not plan to keep it. McKnight, was found guilty by a jury following a five-day trial at Falkirk Sheriff Court in January. Sheriff Mundy told McKnight: “That, to my mind, is a very serious charge indeed, and requires to be reflected in a significant custodial sentence.”
The Victim said in evidence “I got up onto the pavement and was trying to get past the railings so it couldn’t hurt me but it hit me and I remember smashing my head on the pavement and waking up 10 minutes later.”