Sharam Faraje was jailed for five years for the rape of a woman who was asleep with he carried out the sex attack on her. At the time he was on three separate bail orders.

He assaulted the woman at her home in Cathcart. The woman provided a statement to police; however, she later died. 

Judge Simon Collins KC stated: “She is now sadly deceased. The jury must have accepted what she said to the police in her statement. “What she told the police was you took sexual advantage of her when she was intoxicated and asleep within her flat,” 

The judge added: “You do not accept that but the jury did.”

He was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the rape and one further year for offences which were committed at the police station following his arrest. He assaulted police officers by spitting at them and kicking them. He was placed on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely. 

Defence Advocate, Dale Hughes stated it was ‘inevitable that a custodial sentence would be imposed and stated that the rape was ‘thankfully a brief episode’. He told the court that Faraje came to the UK in 2012 and was ‘no stranger to the courts although this is a significant escalation matters.