Mr Christopher Dundas, aged 34, has been jailed in relation to two offences at Hamilton Sheriff Court. 

On the 7th April 2023, Dundas was seen at around 4am in the area of Muirhouse. Dundas was approaching cars and attempting to gain entry to them through the doors. He was however, unsuccessful as the door were locked. The prosecutor told the court that the accused was captured on CCTV committing this attempted theft. 

Following his failed attempts, Dundas then approached a property in Gallacher Court where he attempted to gain access to the property before continuing on to strike the door of the same property.

The tenant of this property was alarmed at the time but they could not see anyone trying to get into their home. However, they were able to identify the accused when Mr Dundas started to shout ‘Dundas, Dundas.’ And the tenant recognised the voice of the accused. At this point the police were called. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the police seen Mr Dundas in possession of the baseball bat. The officers arrested Dundas at this point. 

At the trail, his defence agent explained that he admitted to his previous convictions and that he had suffered with issues on mental health in the past. He also explained to the court that Dundas had issues with Valium. The defence agent told the court. He has no recollection of these incidents and can only apologise.’

He pled guilty to both offences. 

Mr Dundas has been jailed for 10 months for his attempted theft and breach of the peace.