Michael Dorey plead guilty to murder at the High Court in Glasgow. He admitted to stabbing his ex-partner’s mother more than 30 times at her home in Glasgow. Dorey claims that he has no memory of carrying out the act. 

The body of Jacqueline Grant was found by one of her daughters after she had failed to answer her families attempts at contacting her. 

Dorey had been due to go to trial at Glasgow High Court. However, he entered a plea of guilty to murder. He was remanded in custody pending sentence. He will now face a life sentence. 

Advocate Depute Margaret Barron told the court that Dorey had been in a relationship with the deceased’s daughter. Dorey had gone to Jacqueline Grant’s flat on the day of the murder and discussed building a table for her. Dorey became angry about his ex-partner entering into a new relationship. Dorey and the now deceased were left alone around 12:30pm. He then left around 20 minutes later and was seen in Maryhill with a rucksack and towel in his hand. He later stated that he had been stabbed. Jacqueline Grant was found by her daughter lying in the hallway and covered in blood. 

The court heard that a knife was found under her body. Dorey’s DNA was found on the knife and the victim’s blood was found on his clothes. Experts 

Donald Findlay QC defending told the court: “The central problem in this case has been the fact Michael Dorey has no memory at all of the offence. There is no reason at all that I can find out as to why these events occurred, but occur they did. He was on reasonable terms with his former partner and the rest of the family. He regarded Jacqueline Grant as a kind of mother-in-law. He cannot shy away from the level of violence involved.”

The case was deferred for sentencing and Dorey was remanded in custody.