Shane Young repeatedly punched and kicked the now deceased Mr Marshall to the head and body. The attack resulted in Marshall breaking every bone in his face before he was stabbed to death. The incident took place at Richard Marshall’s flat in Blantyre. 

After the attack, Young then stabbed Marshall with a screwdriver and locked him in the flat before fleeing the scene. This resulted in a delay in Marshall receiving treatment from emergency services. 

At trial the court heard that the potential motive behind the murder could have arisen from a disagreement about noise. It was heard in evidence that Marshall had previously attempted to confront young and that he had called the police. 

The now deceased’s mother told the court that she knew that there was an ongoing dispute about music. She said in evidence that she was meeting her son on the day of his murder to go shopping. She said that her son had come out to the car to see her before going back inside to change. She became concerned when she witnessed a man running from the building. A 999 call was made and emergency services forced entry to the property. The now deceased was found in a pool of blood. Medical staff worked on him for 40 minutes; however, he was pronounced dead. 

Young explained to the jury that Marshall had come to his door with a knife and that he suffered an injury to his hand attempting to defend himself. He stated that Young struck him with a lamp and there was a struggle between the two. He told the court that he had feared for his life and punched the deceased twice. He stated that Mr Marshall fell and hit his head. He then claimed that it was Marshall who picked up a screwdriver and attempted to attack him. However, he was able to disarm him. 

Young was convicted of murder at the High Court in Glasgow and was remanded ahead of being sentenced. 

Brian McConnachie KC defending told the court that Mr Young had ‘acted out of character’. He also said that his client wanted to pursue a career as a professional boxer and that he realised the impact that Mr Marshall’s death has had on his family.

Judge Lord Young told him that he would spend a minimum of 18 years in prison. Lord Young told the court: “You have been found guilty of the murder of Richard Marshall. This was a truly horrific attack.

He continued: “You inflicted horrific injuries on Mr Marshall – you fractured every bone in his face. You left him lying close to death in a room and you locked the door and that hampered the response of the emergency services.

“I have taken into account everything which your counsel Mr McConnachie has said on your behalf. However, the sentence of the court is fixed at life imprisonment. I will fix the punishment part for 18 years.”