Lewis Barrie has been jailed for 8 years for repeatedly raping a woman over a three-year period. Mr Barrie committed these offences against the victim between 2016 and 2019.

The Court heard that some of the rapes occurred when the victim was asleep and was also told that he had assaulted an eight-year old boy who he threatened to throw down the stairs.

Judge Lord Scott told the accused that the victim struggles to sleep due to what he had done to her. 

Lord Scott felt that it was crucial that a custodial sentence must be applied on the first offender to publish him and to protect the public. Barrie was ordered that he should be under supervision for another two years and also be placed on the sex offender’s register. 

Mr Barrie has been convicted at trial of seven offences which include rape, sexual assault and was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow.