Mr Allan attacked Mr Squires near a Hearts Supports Club in October of 2017 after they both attended a charity night at the venue. The victim later died at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Mr Allan had no previous convictions and denied murdering the 44 year old but he was convicted by jury at Edinburgh High Court last month. Mr Allan was found guilty of repeatedly assaulting the man to his serve injury which eventually caused his death. Another man who was a co accused was acquitted as his verdict came back as not proven. Mr Allan was given life imprisonment and he must serve at least 12 years.
Lord Tyre said while sentencing Mr Allan: “It remains a mystery to me how you, a man with no record of previous offending, committed an act of such vicious and reckless violence.” He continued that the attacked was unnecessary and unprovoked. Defence counsel Brian McConnachie QC stated: “This was a brief episode lasting realistically little more, if at all, than 30 seconds. But it was 30 seconds in which Mr Squires lost his life and Allan has the rest of his life to regret and rue what happened.”