Nikolaos Karvounakis, 35, pled guilty to the terrorism offence at Edinburgh High Court. On the 11th of January 2018, members of the public found the bomb inside a cardboard box which had been left in a shelter at Princess Street Gardens in Edinburgh. 
When council staff arrived, they found a black pipe, wiring and battery taped to the inside of the box. Police were then called and the area was sealed. At this stage, a controlled explosion took place. However, if the device had detonated the bomb could have resulted in a number of serious injuries. 
The accused claimed responsibility for the device on an eco-terrorism website. He stated that he was a member of the International Terrorist Mafia. Further to this, his DNA was found on the adhesive tape which was used to make the bomb. 
The judge sentenced him to eight years and four months’ imprisonment. A serious crime prevention order was also granted. 
Detective chief superintendent, Stuart Houston, Police Scotland’s head of counter terrorism stated: “The sentencing of Nikolaos Karvounakis is the culmination of a four-year investigation. Police Scotland Counter Terrorism investigators worked with colleagues both in the UK and Europe, and the subsequent conviction and sentencing is testament to the dedication of law enforcement and partners that they were able to piece together the actions of this individual.
“His sentencing today highlights the continuous collaborative work being undertaken by Police Scotland, prosecutors and other key partners to keep our communities safe from the threat of terrorism which won’t be tolerated in civilised society. We will continue our partnership work to identify and protect anyone who feels vulnerable to being influenced into carrying out these types of offences.”