Craig McInally met the student on a pro-suicide website. He invited the 25-year-old woman to his flat after she told him that she was ‘really struggling’. 

The court heard that McInally encouraged the woman to practice. This involved him repeatedly chocking her until she lost consciousness. It was later uncovered that he had acted in a similar way towards other suicidal women. He said that he was excited at the thought of his death and the death of others. 

He pled guilty to a charge of culpable and reckless conduct to the danger of the woman’s life. 

A full risk assessment was carried out and Lord Mulholland imposed an Order for Lifelong Restriction. McInally will be required to serve a custodial sentence at minimum of two years and three months. 

A lifelong restriction order is reserved for the most serious cases. The offender is required to serve the minimum term set and offenders must be kept under supervision for the rest of their lives.

Lord Mulholland stated: “You encouraged her to come to your home to practice suicide. You derived sexual gratification from this. This is very serious crime. Instead of helping a vulnerable person you sought to school her into taking her own life.”