Christopher Simpson left Darren Martin with more than 20 injuries after repeatedly stabbing him at a flat in Glasgow’s Castlemilk. On the 21st of August 2021 Simpson carried out the unprovoked attack after asking the victim for a glass of water. He then attempted to brutally kill Martin in his own home. 
Simpson pled guilty to an attempted murder charge at the High Court on Glasgow. 
Colin Edward, prosecuting, said Mr Martin had met Simpson before and had allowed him to enter his flat. Martin later refused to drink alcohol with Simpson and requested that he leave. Simpson then asked for water before he left. 
Mr Edward continued: “As Mr Martin stood at the sink, Simpson stabbed him twice.He then repeatedly stabbed him on the head, neck, body and arm. Mr Martin believed it was with scissors or a knife that he had hidden.”
It was heard in evidence that Martin begged him to stop adding ‘You are going to kill me’. However, Simpson ignored his pleas and put the man in a headlock to carry on with the assault. 
It was added that ‘Simpson did not say a word throughout’ and he eventually stopped allowing the victim to get free of him. It was heard that he suffered from a serious of wounds including to his chest and abdomen. Mr Martin also suffered from a punctured lung and required a blood transfusion. He remains severely affected by the incident and has limited movement in his arm. 
Mark Moir QC, defending, told the court:  “This cannot to be said to be anything other than a serious and sustained attack.”
Judge Sean Murphy QC remanded Simpson in custody and deferred sentence until the 21st of December 2021.