Alexander Milligan, aged 69 years old, was found guilty of assault with intent to rape in 1989. Milligan was released from prison prior to this and carried out another sexual assault. 
The assault was carried out inside a flat in Edinburgh. The court heard that Milligan kissed her and touched her breasts. He then pushed her which caused the woman to fall to the floor. He lay on top of the woman and pulled down her underwear. 
Lord Weir at sentencing stated: “A custodial sentence is the inevitable disposal to punish you for what you did and to deter others from such conduct.”
The Judge addressed the fact that the conviction was his second serious sexual offence and that he had a previous conviction for rape.
Advocate, Jim Stephenson, defending said: “He is finding his time in custody difficult due to the fact he suffers from ill health.” He stated that his use of alcohol resulted in ‘poo’ behaviour and added: “That does not excuse his behaviour and he clearly accepts he will receive a custodial sentence.”
The defence produced a letter which stated that Milligan was well liked within his community. It was also considered that due to his alcohol use in the past he believed the activity to be consensual. However, he now realises that the events may be mistaken as there was no reason for the victims to lie. 
Milligan was sentenced to a 5 year custodial sentence and was placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely.