A man charged with careless driving has walked free from court after the police forgot to produce key evidence.
George Drummond, 38, was said to have driven without due care and attention and into the path of another vehicle.
However, the case at Forfar’s Justice of the Peace Court was deserted after officers failed to produce dashcam video evidence from the police car.
Officers were sent from Dundee with a DVD of the footage but when they attempted to play it at Forfar Sheriff Court, it failed to work.
Rather than grant the Crown an extension, the sheriff decided to desert the case.
After the debacle, Mr Drummond said in a message posted online: “Well all went well today, thrown out of court — they still didn’t have CCTV footage which the Crown only requested once back in February.”
A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We will look into the circumstances of this particular case to identify the reasons behind what happened.”
A Crown Office spokesman said: “The Crown requested video evidence from the police within appropriate timescales in anticipation of a trial. We are currently considering the decision of the court.”