The driver of a bin lorry that crashed and killed 6 people in Glasgow has avoided criminal charges. The ruling was made by Scotland’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service which also advised that a fatal accident inquiry be performed to determine the facts and find the causes of this tragedy.
A Tragic Day
The accident occurred on December 22, 2014 when a bin lorry owned by the Glasgow City Council crashed into a crowd of pedestrians in the city centre. 10 people suffered injuries in addition to the 6 who were killed. A police investigation was completed and then handed to the Crown Office on January 29, 2015.
Rulings & Recommendations
The Office concluded that the driver of the lorry was not to be prosecuted for the incident. There was no evidence to suggest that his actions and conduct breached criminal, health or safety laws despite the devastating outcomes of what happened.
The recommendation was that a fatal accident inquiry should be held instead. This can generally be performed when one or more deaths have been caused suddenly or suspiciously in an incident which is unexplained or causes great concern to the general public.
The Root of the Problem
The next of kin of the deceased were informed of the Crown Office’s decision and were advised to hold a fatal accident inquiry. It was hoped this action would shed light on what happened on that calamitous day and provide details about the cause of the lorry crash. It should also give the government some lessons about how to avoid this type of situation in the future.