Three men have been jailed for kidnapping, abducting and torturing a man in Glasgow.  It was heard that they bundled the victim into a car in Glasgow before holding him hostage. 

The victim was prevented from going to the toilet and had his hands and ankles tied together while being kept in a cupboard. 

The kidnappers tried to suffocate the victim covering his head with plastic bags and using masking tape around him. 

It was heard in Court that one of the charges against the gang was they attempted to remove his toe with an unknown implement and pour a corrosive substance down his throat. 

Judge Andrew Miller at Aberdeen High Court sentenced Salaer Rezaei for nine years and three months along with Afshin Moghayer and Mohammed Karim for seven years and three months.

It was noted that Rezaei was previously known for showing ‘ill will’ towards the victim.

The last accused Ismail Arabay case was continued until a further Hearing.