Ciaran Dickson, 22, has been jailed for striking Aidan Pilkington, 18, in September 2021. 

The former football player, got behind the wheel of his car after he had consumed a number of beers and cocktails with a friend. 

He was driving at excess speeds when he struck the victim Aidan Pilkington as he was crossing the street. Investigators suspected that Dickson was travelling at approximately 64-71 mph at the time of the collision. Upon impact, he dragged him along the ground before abandoning the scene at an estimated 60-70 mph. 

Aidan Pilkington sustained severe head injuries which ultimately resulted in his death. 

Dickson handed himself into police the next day and was officially arrested in June. 

Dickson had previous convictions for carless driving in December 2020 and for a domestic incident in April 2023. 

His defence agent delivered a plea in mitigation in which he said;

“He accepts that he is fully deserving of punishment. He found himself in a position that thousands of young men would give their right arm for to hope to find themselves as a senior professional with two of the clubs. He was released from one of them and then signed by the other. He threw it all away – it’s his fault. Mr Dickson has suffered greatly as a result of his reckless conduct.”

Dickson has been sentenced to 6 years in jail as well as a 9 year driving ban. He will be required to retake his test to regain his license. 

The judge noted that this was discounted as a result of his guilty plea. They also observed the young person sentencing guidelines. 

Lord Colbeck said: “As a young person, you will have a lower level of maturity with great capability to change. Your behaviour suggests that you lacked maturity and unable to express good judgement and making decisions.”