Gary Campbell has been convicted of directing sexual attacks on young girls in the Philippines from his home in Scotland. He was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh to 12 years imprisonment. 

Campbell paid for the abuse to be carried out and he pled guilty to 13 charges including rape, sexual assault and inciting children to become providers of sexual services. The crimes took place between June 2012 and August 2014. 

Police uncovered that Campbell had made a number of payments to a Filipino woman who had been arrested for putting child sexual abuse online. Police raided his home in 2021 and found recorded videos of Campbell watching the sexual assaults and providing instructions to those carrying out the abuse. 

An international investigation helped to prove that Campbell was as responsible for the attacks as those in the Philippines. Prosecutors were able to prove his direct involvement through the law of art and part guilt.  He was convicted under legislation which protects children across the world from sexual abuse. 

Lord Beckett sentenced Campbell to 12 years imprisonment and placed him on the sex offenders register indefinitely. He was also given an extended sentence of three years. 

In sentencing him Lord Beckett stated: “Over a period of more than two years you were intermittently sexually corrupting young children. You will appreciate these are grave crimes indeed, for which there is no alternative to a prison sentence.”