New figures published this week show that there has been a reduction in the number of race related crimes were reported this year compared to last year. The figure for this year sits at 3,249. This comes from the Report ‘Hate Crime in Scotland 2017-18.’
This report also shows figures in relation to other forms of hate crime and while there has been a decline in hate crime in relation to race there has been an increase in hate crime in relation to sexual orientation and prejudice relating to disability.
There has been a 3 percent increase this year in relation to sexual orientation aggravated crime. In relation to aggravation of prejudice relating to disability, there were 51 percent more reported crimes than in 2016-17. This was always thought by experts to be under reported so this is seen as a positive sign. Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, said: “People who live in Scotland, regardless of their personal or social circumstances, can be assured that they live in a just society and that they will be protected from crime – and in particular from hate crime.” He also added that the Procurator Fiscals Office is fully committed to tackling this form of crime.