Fake cigarettes, clothing and cosmetics worth almost £7m were seized in Scotland over the last 12 months, according to new statistics.

They also reveal that police made almost 3,000 arrests of people known to be involved in serious crime.
The figures were published in the Serious Organised Crime Task Force’s annual report.
It highlights the link between counterfeit goods and organised crime gangs operating in Scotland.
The gangs are often involved in drug and human trafficking, as well as child sexual exploitation.
The report also reveals:

  • There are 196 serious organised crime groups in Scotland, with two-thirds having links to apparently legitimate businesses;
  • Almost £9m in cash and property was confiscated from criminal gang members;
  • Over the last 14 years, more than £100m worth of proceeds of crime seizures have been made;

Police, prosecutors, HM Revenue and Customs and other organisations pool their resources and intelligence in the Serious Organised Crime Task Force.
They want to raise awareness of the link between fake goods and serious organised crime, particularly in the run up to Christmas.