Daniel Stewart has been found guilty of two knife attacks in Dundee. Stewart repeatedly stabbed the victim Raymond Harvison and injured the victim’s daughter, Chloe, when she attempted to help her Father. 
The incident took place in June 2017 at a flat in Dundee. Stewart admitted assaulting Mr Harvison and Chloe to their injury, permanent disfigurement and danger of life. 
The jury heard that Mr Stewart’s daughter was an upstairs neighbour of Mr Harvison. Complaints of antisocial behaviour about her were made and this led to an ASBO being granted. The ASBO prevented her from entering the flat. However, in June 2017 she was arrested on the basis that she had breached the ASBO. Within a few others her father, Mr Stewart, arrived unannounced and uninvited at Mr Harvison’s home address. He had a knife in his possession. Harvison shouted at him and he was then stabbed in the chest twice. 
Mark Mohammed, prosecuting, said: “Chloe Harvison made attempts to remove the knife from the accused. She grabbed the blade of the knife, sustaining injuries to her hand.”
Ms Harvison was also stabbed how she managed to take possession of the know. When police arrived Mr Harvison told an officer ‘I have been stabbed’. He also explained that he punched his attacker in self-defence. As a result, Stewart was found unconscious on the floor of the bathroom. 
James Laverty, defending, told the court that Stewart accepts that what his daughter told him ‘Was very much a subjective account of what had happened at Fullarton Street’.
He also stated: “To his credit there does appear to be some insight into the self-destruction that has occurred over the last four or five years. He has not dealt well with the significant number of bereavements that have visited him.”
Lord Beckett at sentencing said: “You have explained you were intoxicated by drugs and alcohol but that is not mitigating.”
The judge said Stewart would have faced an eight-year jail sentence but for his guilty pleas.
He ordered that Stewart be kept under supervision and monitored for a further three years.