Crown Office has failed to apologise to a woman who was wrongly arrested in Aberdeen. Miah Duffy, aged 22, was arrested and spent a night in custody due to the incompetency of Crown Office staff. 

Ms Duffy was arrested as she failed to attend court as a Crown witness at a trial diet in June. However, she had previously informed Crown Office that she had a pre-booked holiday to Ibiza. 

In response to her email Ms Duffy received a response thanking her. However, the correspondence was never sent to court staff and as a result an arrest warrant was granted. Ms Duffy was falsely accused of contempt of court. 

Ms Duffy stated: “To be falsely arrested and spend the night in custody is degrading and embarrassing.” 

Sheriff Janys Scott QC ordered for the woman’s handcuffs to be removed immediately. The Sheriff stated: “It appears that the Crown have not covered themselves in glory. Take off those handcuffs, please. I’m sorry you had to wear those.”

Ms Duffy received an apology from the sheriff. However, did not receive the same from Crown Office. When asked for comment, a spokeswoman stated: ‘We note the comments of the sheriff.