Operations director Kate Graham expressed that the company was facing prolific shoplifting and a rise in armed robberies. 

It was noted that UK stores have seen a 35% increase in crime and more than 900 staff members have been physically assaulted. 

Kate Graham explained that the problem had gone beyond” anything she has known in her 25-year career. She expressed those items such as baby milk as this is being used to cut drugs along with health and beauty items.

She explained that there was an armed robbery in one of the Glenrothes stores which was actually a gun crime. Although staff members undergo training for these situations and have spent millions on the design of its stores to prevent theft it still is not enough. 

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation who represent stores such as Spar, Londis have also noticed a rise in shoplifting. 

The Co-op and other retailers want the police to take actions and for Courts to give out sanctions which they will serve as a deterrent.