Neil Anderson was convicted at Glasgow High Court for the murder of Gary More in September 2018. He was found guilty of the part he played in the assassination of the deceased. He was sentenced to 21 years and 9 months imprisonment. 
An appeal against both conviction and sentence was lodged. The appeal against conviction was rejected by the court at an early stage; however, the appeal against sentence made it through the sift and was considered by the Appeal Court. 
The appeal was heard by the Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Pentland and Lord Matthews. The appellant had been sentenced with the getaway driver, Thomas Guthrie, who was paid six figures to assist with the shooting. The court heard that Anderson lured the deceased from his home and moments later a gunman repeatedly fired at him on the head and body. 
At trial the judge told the appellant: “This was pre-planned and you both had a part to play. Neil Anderson induced him to leave his house and present a clear aim of sight for the assassin. Mr More was shot 11 times, three times to the head – there was no prospect of him surviving the brutal prolonged attack.”
The court heard that Anderson remained at the scene for around 13 minutes and contacted emergency services. The death was caused by ‘gunshot wounds to the head and neck’. The appellant stated in evidence that he was not involved in anyway and that it was, ‘So far from the truth, it’s unbelievable. 
In considering the appeal against sentence, the appeal court in Edinburgh rejected the appeal.