Dr Martin Watt has been jailed for a 12 year term for fire arm offences following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow last month. The former consultant worked at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie but was let go in 2012 over disciplinary action. The consultant has an “assassination list” and held a variety of weapons in order to carry out his plans.

Lady Stacey told Watt: “These are lethal weapons. Not only did you have the guns, you had live ammunition. The weapons were all in working order because you reactivated them.” There was now doubt in the judge or jury’s mind that Watt was willing and ready to use the weapons, as he even tried out the routes to his victim’s homes. However, the accused insisted during trial that he did not harm anyone and this should be taken in to account.

Mr Patrick, procurator fiscal said: “Martin Watt put together the collection of guns for a particular purpose and there would have been extreme consequences had he been able to carry out his intentions.” The judge added: “It is sad to see a man who has held position you have, in this situation, but I must protect the public.”