The Crown Office has been forced to defend itself once again from allegations that It carried out a malicious prosecution against the head of a cheque cashing business in 2019.
Eddie Ramsay, 73, claims that the case against him, which involved police raiding his home and holding him in custody, was unwarranted and destroyed his business. 
Mr Ramsay is now suing both the Lord Advocate and the Chief Constable of Police Scotland for over £15million in damages.  When the case was first investigated in 2014, Mr Ramsay was accused of facilitating over £60million worth of cheques taken from gang members and other figures involved in organised crime. Mr Ramsay has always denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusations “pure and downright lies”. 
The investigation led to Mr Ramsay spending five hours in police custody and the collapse of his business. Despite being investigated by both Police Scotland and the Crown Office for 5 years, Mr Ramsay received a letter in 2019 stating that no further action would be taken against him due to insufficient evidence. 
The Crown Office is already under pressure over accusations that it carried out a malicious prosecution of two former directors of Rangers Football Club, following the club’s bankruptcy in 2012.
The Crown Office declined to comment, stating that it does not comment on ongoing matters.