Connor Gibson has been accused of sexually assaulting and murdering his 16-year-old sister in November 2021. The body of the teenager was found days after she was last seen.

The accused had allegedly gotten rid of clothes that he had been wearing the day of the incident and called the children’s home where Amber was residing at pretending that she was still alive and safe. Mr Gibson has been accused of removing her clothes and sexually assaulting her along with blunt force trauma to her head and body with the intent of raping her. 

The Court heard from both Connor and Amber’s foster siblings who described the relationship between them as “toxic” and they were never a “good mix left in each other’s company”

The accused has also being charged with disposing evidence after it was alleged that he binned his own clothing in attempt to defeat the ends of justice. 

It was also noted that Stephan Corrigan aged 44 is also on trial in relation to the discovery of her remains. It was found that he found Amber’s body however failed to alert the police but he improperly touched her then hid her remains. 

Mr Corrigan has been accused of breach of the peace along with trying to intend to defeat the ends of justice. 

Although, Mr Corrigan has lodged a special defence of alibi stating that he was elsewhere at the time. 

Both men have denied all charges against them and the trial continues.