A drugs ring has been caught smuggling cocaine worth more than £1bn into boxes of frozen chicken. 

It was found that massive shipments of drugs were unpacked at a warehouse near Birmingham and have now been distributed around the United Kingdom according to Prosecutors. 

Prosecutor Stephan Grattage told the jury that “blocks and blocks and blocks of the drug as well as a note baring the name of the Nueva Genracion Cartel were found in Ms Rayner and Mr Harrington’s flat”

Cherie Rayner, Liam Harrington, Megan Budden and Mazafer Hussain are alleged to have had trusted roles within the criminal network which imported the cocaine from a Mexican Cartel and sold it on to dealers.

Five men from Leeds, Dewsbury, Glasgow and Birmingham have now admitted to drug supply charges.

Mr Harrington and Ms Raynor have denied possession of cocaine with the intent to supply while Ms Budden denies possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. All three of the named individuals told police that they were simply unaware of the drugs in their flat.

The others involved have pleaded guilty to being concerned with the supply of class A drugs. 

Two women and two men are now currently on Trial at Sheffield Crown Court accused of the conspiracy of supplying class A drugs. The four defendants standing on trial have pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy of supplying class A drugs. 

The Trial now continues.